As part of our commitment to the long-term success of our clients, we specialise in working closely with organisations, building comprehensive digital plans that grow along with the business. Our continual learning processes enable us to evolve and refine solutions based on what really works, with the flexibility to incorporate a wide range of complementary services including search engine optimisation and social media consultancy for even greater reach and impact.

With the use of our adapted version of the Agile Methodology and our own rapid deployment processes and Lean development techniques we deliver software much faster, more efficiently and with higher quality than most companies and certainly better than companies using more traditional methods of software development.

Our tailored development workflow combines a multi-staged deployment pipeline with a Deployment oriented delivery approach, so that code is subjected to several distinct levels of testing and approval before being released to a live environment. Valuable added security is provided by audit functionality and strict authentications which are incorporated into the workflow along with manual and automated forms of testing.

The first step our team takes in any project is to get to the bottom of our client’s proposition, understand their users’ needs and motivations, and reach a shared understanding with stakeholders. Spending time on research and requirements gathering ensures that we deliver a user experience that meets as many goals and needs as possible for the business and the end users.

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